Unlocked Dumpsters

Hey everyone!

I just checked out all the dumpsters at the Balinger Thriftway and the stores around it and it seems that no one there locks their dumpsters at all.  There is a trash compactor at the grocery, sadly.  I did get some undamaged bags of chips out of the rite aid dumpster, and a whole combo pizza (still warm, even) from the pagliacci's compostables dumpster across the street!  Mmm mmm!

Does anyone know of any good places near 15th and balinger to reclaim food?  Has anyone tried the aurora costco or 3rd Place Books?

Seems like there's a lot of dead air on this list so I'm hoping it picks up a bit.

still divin'

I checked out the CD Grocery Outlet last night with my girlie. WOW

Tons of produce and sweets.

Other good produce dumpsters are at Top Banana on 15th (nw) and the Ravenna produce stand near Whole Foods.

Chocolate! Come'n'get it!

Hey humans,

The Dilettante (chocolate!) dumpster had a really good score today, and there was still lots left as of a half hour ago or so. Dumpster is located near the NW corner of 22nd & Hill. Side facing the street is locked, but if you go round to the other side, it slides right open. There's dark-ish chocolate nuggets, giant chocolate-covered raisins, and some sort of milk chocolate "dust" w/ chunks.

Go, go, go, go!


Hello! :D

New to this community and dumpster diving in Seattle especially.

I was curious if anyone was willing to give me the tour. I'm specifically interested in the more prominent locations simply because I've taken it upon myself the past few weeks to scout out nearly every dumpster possible that I can. Very little results but it could prove to be worth it.

But like I said, I haven't hit any of the known sites and could use a friendly guide. I'm free nearly all day and night, everyday. My number is (360)440-8556, my name is David and I have no license, only my bicycle. Thanks in advanced.
sea butterflies

hope this gets to someone!

Queen Anne Trader Joe's is inundated with garbage, and Joe himself would commend you for lightening his garbage heap. Actually, at 9am saturday morning there will be 40 shopping carts full of food "to be spoiled" (thrown away) but not in the dumpster because the dumpster is FULL. Usually the food banks send runners every morning, but they haven't shown up in three days, presumably due to weather. Be a good neighbor, and spread the word!

good luck!