Nova (novabird) wrote in dumpsterdive206,

Tortilla dumpster!

Okay, so the findings were fairly sparse (3 or 4 large packages of small corn tortillas, 3 or 4, packages of tostadas) but I imagine that if you are in Georgetown regularly you could check and see which day is the best for diving.

Puentes Brothers, Inc (aka Don Juan Tortillas):

6345 6th Ave S

On 6th Ave S between Michigan & River.

Happy hunting, folks!

Also: Would anyone like to meet up some night to go diving in SoDo/Georgetown? After about 8pm appears to be the best time-ish. Anyhow, I'd love a hand, and we could split spoils. Monday nights have been (in my experience) pretty good, altho it can be hit or miss.


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