Brimborion (titivyllus) wrote in dumpsterdive206,

Unlocked Dumpsters

Hey everyone!

I just checked out all the dumpsters at the Balinger Thriftway and the stores around it and it seems that no one there locks their dumpsters at all.  There is a trash compactor at the grocery, sadly.  I did get some undamaged bags of chips out of the rite aid dumpster, and a whole combo pizza (still warm, even) from the pagliacci's compostables dumpster across the street!  Mmm mmm!

Does anyone know of any good places near 15th and balinger to reclaim food?  Has anyone tried the aurora costco or 3rd Place Books?

Seems like there's a lot of dead air on this list so I'm hoping it picks up a bit.
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