i made a couple rad scores last night. i ended up with an extra bottle of Soy Vey island tariyaki sauce if anyone wants it. i'm not a huge fan, but there was a case of it sitting outside the Joe's on cap hill last night. one of the employees came to retrieve the rest. he told me, "someone broke a bottle in it and just wrote it off. i was like, 'don't just throw it all away! i'll give it to my neighbor or something!'"  (as he watched me climb in, he added, "you know the other one's just recycling, right?" "yep!")

i can probably be convinced to throw in a hunk of happy ham (of which i have several frozen right now) and some banana bread made from other goodies i found. everything's vegan.


tjs, tonight

u district tjs had about 12 shopping carts full of food they will put in the dumpster tonight when i was there this morning. 

i scored:
14 boxes of organic strawberries
several naan, tortillas and flat breads
a huge box of flowers they hadn't even unpacked, just stuck straight in the garbage. 

there were other things, but it was broad daylight with lots of people around, so i had to be sneaky.  

A homo in need is a homo indeed

My partner and I have been attempting to dumpster for about a year now with mixed results; heavy on the failure.
I'm hoping that someone out there might be willing to show us the ropes. We have a car and would be more than happy to help cart hauls home. We could also arrange a skillshare type barter. My sweetie can tell you a thing or two about block printing as well as a couple other visual art techniques. I can train your dog (humainly), and do beginning guitar and vocal lessons. I'm an experianced English tutor and we can both tutor/teach beginning ASL, complete with culture info.

Failing that, another novice to continue our trial and error learning process with would be wonderful.

Who's up for some mischife and adventure?
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Has anyone tried the Central Market up in Shoreline (off Aurora)? It looks like a gold mine but it's super far from my home. Anyone know if it's worth the trip?
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Free boxin'

Hope it's ok to post this as it's not really dumpstering...

I just put a free box out at 1809 15th av (between Denny and Howell, cap. hill). Probably the most interesting things out there are a couple rat cages (full sized and travel) and a bike rack. There is quite a bit of pet stuff (no one died, we just decided our animals own far too much crap) and a bunch of misc. items.

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Mansion: The Estate Sale!
Mansion: The Gathering, the beloved and short-lived punk house, is in its final throws. The house is being demolished on February 14th, and we're celebrating the end by having a community swap-meet February 13th and 14th.
Bring over your things you want to get rid of! Come and see what treasures us and other friends have brought! Don't have anything to get rid of? Don't worry about it - just come anyway and see what fun stuff you can have.
We'll have zines, buttons, and vegan baked goods for sale, with $$ going to the SeattleDIY Collective and a yet-to-be-decided charity.

Try to bring at least reasonably cool stuff. Hang out as long as you like. Have fun as hard as you can.

@ Mansion: The Gathering
311 14th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
Feb 13 + 14
Noon-8pm! Free!

Trucker Bomb!!

Found what looked to be a gallon of apple juice in the sodo juice dumpster. Brought it home and put it in the fridge. Sorta forgot about it, however the room mate had opened it up. And thank god he smelled it first. So be careful of trucker bombs in the skip. TBs and dirty diapers, gotta watch out.
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Went Dumpstering tonight. The storm caused a lot of places to throw out the frozen.

The QFC on Roosevelt at 66th has lots of Ice Cream sitting out in the cold. Ben and Jerry's, haagen-dazs, dryers... As well as some Juices. It's just sitting out in the cold waiting for you to come rescue it from the trash.